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September 6-October 28, 2016: Residency by Guest Maestro Marcelo "El Chino" Gutierrez image coming soon!
October 6, 2016: Tango Flash Mob at the Night Market in the Philadelphia Navy Yard
July 20, 2016: The Trio de la Plata performs live for dancing at the Palermo Fishtown Practica
July 20, 2016: Tango Show & Milonga with Live Music in the City Hall Courtyard as part of the City of Philadelphia's Culture in the Courtyard Series

May 19-22, 2016: 6th Philadelphia International Tango Festival with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales, Marcelo Gutierrez & Ines Muzzopappa, and Andres Amarilla & Meredith Klein - PHOTOS

April 4-June 17, 2016: Residency by Maestra Carla Marano
November 21, 2015: Milonga Qilombo featuring the Ariel Iud Tango Quartet with Singer Theresia Thylin
September 30-October 30, 2015: Residency by Marcelo "El Chino" Gutierrez
Sept. 26, 2015: Performance at the World Meeting of Families 2015 in front of Independence Hall, before Pope Francis's speech
September 20, 2015:
Performance & Filming in Love Park to Welcome Pope Francis to Philadelphia (video)

September 20, 2015:
Performance at Half Time on the field at PPL Park during a Philadelphia Union Game

May 28-31, 2015: 5th Philadelphia International Tango Festival, starring Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne
April 13-May 13, 2015: Jay Abling in Philadelphia
March 25-30, 2015: Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales in Philadelphia, plus Milonga Qilombo with DJ Ramu Pyreddy
March 16-22, 2015: Marina Kenny in Philadelphia

March 14/15, 2015: Andres & Meredith perform with the Allentown Symphony Orchestra

February 13, 2015: Andres & Meredith, and Philadelphia Argentine Tango School students, perform at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
December 31, 2014: New Year's Eve Milonga Qilombo at the Gorgeous Ruba Club
November 19-25, 2014: Javier Antar & Kara Wenham in Philadelphia (Photo: Helio Ha)
September 23-October 16, 2014: Mini-Residency by Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales
(Photo: Helio Ha)
August 20-26, 2014: Nito Garcia & Elba Natalia Sottile in Philadelphia (Photo: Helio Ha)
May 23-26, 2014: 4th Philadelphia International Tango Festival (Photo: Helio Ha)
April 2014: Residency of Jay Abling (Photo: Helio Ha)
February-March 2014: Residency by Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales (Photo: Helio Ha)
November 2013-January 2014: Residency by Maestro Andres Amarilla
(Photo by Svetlana Filippova)
December 2-11, 2013: 4th Tango Tour to Bueos Aires
November 22, 2013: Concert & Milonga with the Alejandro Ziegler Quartet Playing Live
October 25-28, 2013: Workshops & Performance by Nick Jones & Diana Cruz
September 25-October 2 2013: Workshops, Private Lessons & Milonga Qilombo with Guillermo Cerneaz & Marina Kenny
August/September 2013: Residency by Guest Teacher Andres Amarilla
July 20, 2013: Tango at the Free Library (including a presentation of the book Tango Nuevo)
May 24-27, 2013: 3rd Annual Philadelphia International Tango Festival
March 21-25, 2013: An Intensive Seminar in Villa Urquiza-Style Tango with Carlos Perez & Rosa Forte of Buenos Aires

March 1, 2013: Tango Night at the Barnes Foundation with the Oscuro Quintet, a demonstration by students of the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, and a performance by Pablo Garcia Gomez & Meredith Klein

February 23, 2013: Five-Year Anniversary Milonga Qilombo featuring the Oscuro Quintet playing live and with performances

January 25-27, 2013:
Workshops & Performances by (The Amazing) Evan Griffiths

December 7, 2012:
Art-Book-Tango, featuring the presentation of Carolyn Merritt's newly released book, Nuevo Tango, the opening of Dreams of the City, an exhibit by Lesley Mitchell, and a huge milonga with performances.

November 11, 2012: Workshop & Milonga featuring the Alejandro Ziegler Quartet of Buenos Aires

November 1, 2012:
Milonga, Malbec & Empanadas - The Philadelphia Argentine Tango Community presented a token of appreciation to the Embassy of Argentina as part of Argentine Week 2012.
October 17 & 24, 2012: Workshop & Live Performance by Narcotango Pianist Mariano Castro
September 22-23, 2012: Workshops & Milonga Qilombo with Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella
July 28, 2012:
Workshops & Milonga Qilombo with Luis Bianchi & Daniela Pucci
May 25-28, 2012:
The 2nd Annual Philadelphia Tango Festival
March 30-April 2, 2012: Javier Antar & Kara Wenham in Philadelphia
April 16-25, 2012:
3rd Tango Tour to Buenos Aires

February 19, 2012:
Ocho Exercises to Improve Your Ochos (taught by Kip Martin & Meredith Klein)

October 29 & 30, 2011:
Seminar on The Code - A Notation System for Tango (taught by Andres Amarilla & Meredith Klein)

July 28-August 1:
Workshops with Nick Jones & Diana Cruz

July 23, 2011:
Milonga El Arabesco at Symmetry Dance Wellness featuring a performance by Kip Martin & Meredith Klein
April 18-27, 2011:
2nd Tango Tour to Buenos Aires
October 23-24, 2010:
Tango-Ballet Intensive and Milonga El Arabesco

August 28, 2010:
Milonga Qilombo featuring Jorge "Chocho" Spessot on Bandoneon

July 31, 2010:
Milonga Qilombo featuring Carolina Zokalski & Diego Di Falco

July 24, 2010:
Milonga El Arabesco
at Symmetry Dance Wellness featuring a performance by Kip Martin

April 20-28, 2010: Workshops & Performances by Eric Lindgren & Rebecca Rorick Smith
March 24-29, 2010: Workshops & Performances by Javier Antar & Kara Wenham
February 27-28, 2010: Workshops & Performance by Ciko Tanik & Adam Hoopengardner
January 30-31, 2010: Workshops & Performance by Cecilia Garciia & Santiago Dorkas
October 31, 2009: Masquerade Milonga co-sponsored with PennTango, featuring Damian Thompson & Aja Fenn
April 8, 2009: Milonga Lo de Picherna to celebrate Damian Lobato's arrival
August 1-3, 2008: Workshops & Performances by Evan Griffiths