Cassidy Colgan: Spanish Instruction

Cassidy was born in Philly and raised in South Jersey, attended Barnard College of Columbia University with a major in Spanish and Latin American Studies.

In 2010 she traveled to Buenos Aires where she perfected her Spanish while working in cafes and studying in the local university, UBA. She would compare her relationship with Buenos Aires to a tumultuous love affair, inspiring yet difficult, romantic yet frustrating at times. It's a city packed full of culture and sensuality, but like tango it leaves you with a longing nostalgia.

While there, she started teaching English to local kids and adults, worked as a TEFL trainer, and learned how to paint the classic porteño "fileteado" that decorates cafes, buses and milongas.

She has recently moved back from Buenos Aires with her husband, who is a true porteño from Avellaneda. She is hoping to pursue language teaching and other artistic endeavors while finding a path in Philly. She hopes that teaching English and Spanish will give the different peoples of a philly a common ground to live up to the slogan of "the city of brotherly love."