Spanish Language Training for Tangueros: An 8-Week Workshop

8 Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 pm
Starting March 14


The Philadelphia Argentine Tango School is very pleased to present an 8-week Spanish language workshop, aimed at people who want to speak & understand Spanish better. No prior experience with the language is required, but you can still benefit even if you speak some Spanish.

If you, like so many dancers in our community, are thinking of traveling to Argentina, Cuba, or another Spanish-speaking country to dance, this workshop will help you feel confident and ready.

In the course of the 8 weeks, students will gain vocabulary, learn grammar and get lots of practice with the kinds of situations that come up when you're traveling to dance:

  • Making small talk in between tangos or tandas.
  • Asking directions to the milonga, the bus stop, or the nearest kiosk.
  • Shopping for tango shoes and clothes.
  • Studying tango or another dance form.
  • Other topics that you suggest!

The group will also study tango lyrics, and look at examples of lunfardo (tango slang) that have made their way into common parlance in Argentina.

The workshop will be taught by Cassidy Colgan, who just moved to Philadelphia with her Argentine husband after living in Buenos Aires for a few years. Cassidy ran (and still runs!) an English language school and tutoring service in Buenos Aires. She speaks Spanish fluently.