Agustin Venturino & Natalia Aguero

Agustin Venturino helped to establish the tango community in La Plata, Argentina, a university town an hour away from the City of Buenos Aires. He was a principal organizer of the free outdoor milonga, La Torre, which takes place every Sunday of the year, rain or shine.

From the other side of the city of Buenos Aires, Natalia started traveling to La Plata to dance because she liked the youthful, fun vibe of the milongas and the tango scene.

Since establishing their tango partnership, Agustin & Natalia have completed multiple tours around Europe, teaching, performing and DJing. This is their second tour in the U.S.

To get a sense of their teaching style, which is super-creative, and targeted to help students view familiar concepts in new ways, please check out the video below...