Barbara Kountouzi

Barbara fell under the spell of the tango Sirens at age 5, when she first heard her piano teacher play La Cumparsita.  She did not succumb to the call of the dance until years later, when she attended classes in Philadelphia in early 2000.  

As an early and passionate participant in a budding Philadelphia Tango scene, Barbara has always been a strong advocate for the betterment and expansion of a thriving social Tango community.  She was one of the contributors to the Penn Tango group and Tango at Temple University. She has made numerous trips to Buenos Aires and dances extensively throughout Europe.  Through these experiences she gained knowledge and fluency in the many styles and complexities of social Tango dancing, and is currently pursuing a Tango Teacher Certification with Tango De Salon instructors Melina Sedó and Detlef Engel.

With an intellectual, analytical and meticulous personality, it was natural that Barbara would gravitate to the subtle and precise intricacies of close embrace dancing, or what is commonly known as Salon Style dancing.  Barbara’s dance is characterized by intense listening, a deep understanding of the fundamentals of body mechanics and movement, and active, equal participation of both leader and follower roles.  Barbara’s warm, engaging, and generous personality is sure to win over all who cross her path.  She creates a relaxed and comfortable environment without compromising her quest for excellence.  Beware though - her enthusiasm is contagious! 

Barbara's greatest reward in dancing and her mission in teaching are big smiles on dancers' faces at the end of a tanda.