Group Classes with Marcela Trape & Mario Ferraro: April 4-May 2

MONDAYS, April 9-30

7-8 pm: Tango Technique, developed through the prism of tango music (All levels). $10

8-9:30 pm: Intermediate Tango. $25 or use your class card. Monday promotion: both classes for $30

Topics for the Intermediate class:

4/9: Introduction & Fundamentals - The couple as a single unit. Leading and following as a dialogue.

4/16: Detecting Moments of Stillness and Moments of Motion While Dancing - Practicing this concept (for both leaders and followers) through the turn or “giro.”

4/23: Floor Work: The Relationship Between One’s Feet and the Floor - Tools and elements to adapt to various dance floor conditions.  Seeing challenges presented within the dance floor as possibilities instead of limits

4/30: Association and Disassociation of Movements within the Couple - Understanding the the timing of the movement, the quality of the movement, and the movements themselves

TUESDAYS, April 10-May 1

7:30-9 pm: Weekly group class in the Body Awareness Method ® for Tango Dancers.
Pricing with pre-registration: $100 series/$30 class
Pricing at the door (if there is space): $35/class


The focus of the Body Awareness Method, and therefore these classes, is to detect the limitations of our own body, and work to address and transform them.  In the classes, we will work in a variety of ways:
* Exercises on the floor
* Exercises sitting or standing
* Exercises alone, in couples or in a group.
Please wear comfortable clothes (that you are comfortable being on the floor in) and please bring socks.  We will not be wearing shoes in the Body Awareness Classes (with the exception of the last class on feet!)

 The classes will explore the following sub-topics:

4/10: The Spine

  • Increasing the spine’s range of motion
  • Separating the vertebrae – working with spirals
  • Whole body spirals – originating the spiral in different parts of the body
  • Dynamic posture
  • Applying this bodywork to dancing tango

4/17: The Upper body (Shoulders, Arms & Torso)

  • Why do I strain my shoulders when I move?
  • Detecting tension points in the torso
  • Unlocking the shoulder, shoulder blade and arm joints
  • Finding the accurate muscle tone for fluid movement
  • Applying this bodywork to dancing tango

4/24: The Lower Body

  • Biomechanics of the Knee
  • Understanding how our knees work, in order to move the legs
  • Release work for the legs
  • Applying this bodywork to dancing tango

5/1: Feet  (Note: please bring tango shoes)

  • Biomechanics of the feet
  • The feet as the motor of movement
  • The relationship between the feet and shoes

WEDNESDAYS, April 4-May 2

7:30-9 pm: Advanced Tango (topics below). $25 or use your class card
9 pm-midnight: Milonga El Puntazo (see below for DJs). Included in class price.

4/4: Fundamental Structures of Tango as Parameters for Improvisation – Using different approaches to achieve the same objective.  Working on: changes in velocity, suspensions, releases and repetitions

4/11: Structure & Breakdown of Sequences - Recognizing and analyzing the natural flow of movement within tango sequences

4/18: Points of Contact in Tango - Discover how different points of contact function within the couple (e.g. barridas, ganchos, sacadas…)

4/25: The Line of Dance - Maintaining the line of dance beyond steps and sequences

5/2: Traditional vs. Modern Structures in Tango - Distinguishing them, and understanding the relationship between them

Milonga El Puntazo DJs:
4/4 - Marc Hussner
4/11 - LIVE MUSIC by Emiliano Messiez (piano) and Javier Sanchez (bandoneon)
4/18 - Eva von Esse
4/25 - Mario Ferraro
5/2 - Eli Ambron