This school is my first and only, and although I visit other schools, attend various workshops, travel in the US and abroad and meet new teachers and students, I always return to it with the feeling that I am back home. This school gives me so much as a student and as a person that it will take a while to put this on paper, so I will try to be short. First and foremost, it brings amazing, talented, dedicated and unique teachers who travel from all over the world to give classes, workshops, performances and share their skills and their Tango wisdom with everyone! They are at the forefront of today’s Argentine Tango field and the fact that we can learn from them all is a miracle in itself. Secondly, it’s fantastic, truly inspiring yearly Tango Festivals that attract and unite people with different backgrounds, skills, and Tango schools, people who leave the festivals uplifted and inspired in so many ways! The atmosphere at the school is very friendly. When you come here, you are greeted with sincere hugs, tasty snacks and wine, and the level of Tango that is incomparable in so many ways! And lastly, it is my firm belief that the glue, the clip that holds everything together and keeps the classes and festivals on such a high level is its founder and director, Meredith Klein, with her dedication, feisty passion for Tango, and her most sincere desire to help the students and introduce them to the best that Argentine Tango world can offer – the most outstanding teachers, the best tango music, and the opportunity to unite with those who share in this truly blissful addiction which is Argentine Tango! --Kate

Seldom in our lives do we encounter things that surprise or exceed our expectations, but the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School does just that. Every aspect of the school--the teachers, students, artistic endeavors, events--is fantastic and engaging. Teachers Meredith Klein, Andres Amarilla and Damian Lobato (all internationally renowned) never cease to amaze you with their terpsichorean feats and ability to patiently transfer those skills to the average citizen. The student body is a true cross-section of society and displays a sense of community and family. Regardless of expertise or skill level, every student is helpful in assisting you master the magic of the dance... If you like to socialize or dance and have ever been intrigued by the mysterious allure of the tango, then this is the place for you. What does it do for me? It puts a spring in my step, a smile on my face and a song in my heart. It may do the same for you. -- Chuck

I want to thank you for the time and attention you've given to correct my mistakes before they become bad habits... I signed up with your school because of your devotion to the art of Argentine Tango and even though you set high standards in class, you and your staff make the whole experience (classes, Practicas, Milongas, Guest Artists) enjoyable. I'm glad I found you guys (and ladies). -- Joe

Andres, Meredith and Damian are all outstanding teachers bringing lots of energy and excitement to the tango community. -- Ralph

Are you interested in Argentine tango? Music, instruction, social dancing, visiting maestros, and glorious performances are all waiting for you at the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, 2030 Frankford Avenue. I have been frequenting all of the above since the school's inception, about two and a half years ago, and I have observed Andres and Meredith's efforts to bring the best to this tango community. They have brought health and breadth to Philadelphia with immersion of traditional and nuevo tango.with open and close embrace.and with instructional skills that have always surpassed my expectations. This school continues to inspire me as well as the novice, the intermediate, and the advanced students. Come and join are going to like it here! -- Josephine

My tango home in Philadelphia - fabulous teachers, inspiring guest artists, wonderful events, and an awesome community of dancers. Yo amo Philadelphia Argentine Tango School! -- Carolyn

Since it's inception in 2008, the Philadelphia Tango School has quickly become a symbol of new talent and dynamic instruction on the East Coast. Not only are the teachers some of the best in the US, but every month the School hosts impressive instructors/performers from across the globe. Classes are tailored to accomodate beginners to professionals, so there is always something to learn. Come! Dance! And fall in love with Tango! You will be happy you did. -- Gabriella