Javier Antar has been traveling the world for the past 12 years to inspire students and audiences through his teaching and performing of Argentine Tango. Javier discovered tango 14 years ago, and it quickly became a nightly obsession. While he studied with several well-known instructors, Gustavo Naveira became Javier's most important influence, a source of inspiration and learning.

Now, after many years of intense training in Buenos Aires, and armed with a very strong knowledge of technique, music and a sense of the dance as a whole, Javier is at the top level as a dancer. His message and philosophy: conquer your own style. His musicality, grace and elegance make Javier a riveting dancer to watch, his technical knowledge makes his dance fluid and precise.

Javier is known for his generosity as a teacher. While his group lessons require focus and work, he also gives students an important degree of freedom so that students can use what they have learned and add their own new material. Based in Buenos Aires, it is easy to find Javier performing and teaching at local milongas or practicas, when he is not touring. These days it's not unusual to find international and well-respected tango instructors taking group or private lessons with him in Canada, Europe or in Argentina.

Kara Wenham was first introduced to tango in 2000. Prior to that she worked professionally in the theatre, with acting and dance forming the primary components of her artistic training. She received her BFA in theatre from Emerson College before founding the Concrete Stage Company in Chicago.

Once immersed in the tango in Buenos Aires, her primary teachers have been: Gustavo Naveira, Andrea Misse, Pablo Villarraza, Dana Frigoli, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa. For 6 years she danced professionally with Matias Facio, with whom she participated in International festivals in Argentina, Europe and Asia.

As a dancer Kara moves with great presence and vitality. Hers is a subtle and communicative dance that is inspired and guided by the music and the embrace. She aims to have the sensations of her movement translate clearly into a personal tango aesthetic.

Kara has developed a hands-on approach to teaching that allows her students to engage immediately to a technique that they can both feel and understand. She has a meticulous eye for detail. Her pedagogy empowers the students with tools needed for a solid technique, connection, improvisation, musicality, and development of a personal style.

She has lived for the past 11 years in Buenos Aires. In 2009 she began her partnership with Javier Antar.


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