Marcelo Rosensaft

Marcelo Rosensaft was born in Uruguay and has been living in Israel since 1977 where he has been DJing since 2011. He is considered to be one of the best DJs in the area. He is not only a DJ, but also a devoted ‘milonguero’.

Marcelo first visited New York City in 2011 and returns yearly for the months of September and October. In 2014, he spent 4 months in NYC and while attending the local milongas, some organizers ‘discovered’ that he is also a DJ. That was the beginning of his visits as a DJ not only to NYC but Philadelphia, Denver, Boston. In NYC, where he visits regularly, he has been the DJ in most of the milongas and is appointed again and again.

His music is very traditional and well balanced. People cannot stop dancing and as he gets to be better known in the USA, more and more people attend milongas because he is the DJ. Though he starts with a pre-arranged playlist, he makes sure that the music matches the situation on the dance floor and the ambiance of the milonga. Being the DJ does not prevent Marcelo from dancing a lot during the milonga while feeling the dance floor.

He has developed a computer program and with a screen projector, it shows the playing tanda and the next one coming up- orchestra, vocals, etc. This approach not only has been educational to the dancers, but it also helps them plan the next tanda if they wish.