Tango Barre
Tuesdays, 6:15-7:15 pm

Tango Barre is a semi-private class, aimed at improving technique for people dancing the follower's role in tango. While the class is aimed at women, men are also welcome. The class is taught by Meredith Klein.

Each participant will have an entire barre for herself. For this reason, the class capacity is just 4 students.

Pre-registration is therefore a must!

Topics covered:

  • How to warm up the feet, ankles and legs for dancing tango.
  • Technique for walking, pivots, ochos, boleos, crosses, and other common steps.
  • Technique for less common steps like fouettes, banderas, and enrosques will be introduced as well.
  • Execution of adornments, including piques, lapices, rond de jambes, front & back cross embelishments, triplets, and more.
  • Precise musicality and musical decision-making.
  • Remembering and recognizing steps and sequences in order to perceive and respond to promising moments for adornment.

The class will be fast-paced with the aim of working up a sweat, and getting a cardiovascular workout, while improving our tango!

Cost: $25 or use your class card. You may PAY or RESERVE A SPOT using your class card at this link.

Short Video demonstrating two sample exercises:




Photo: Gotham Fotografia