The Philadelphia Argentine Tango School is run by Director Meredith Klein. Meredith generally teaches the Monday & Wednesday night classes, usually in conjunction with visiting guest teachers. Kristin Balmer, a tango dancer with 24 years experience, teaches the Thursday night beginner classes. Barbara Kountouzi, who recently completed a tango teacher training in Germany, teaches close embrace classes and workshops. Amy He teaches private lessons.

We are fortunate to have a steady stream of guest instructors, mostly from Argentina, passing through the school, with a guest teacher in residence at most moments of the year.

Our main guest teacher is Andres Amarilla, co-founder of the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, who spends 6 months each year in Philadelphia.

Other recent guest teachers include:

** Adrian Veredice & Alejandra Hobert
** Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne
** Octavio Fernandez & Carla Marano
** Marcelo "El Chino" Gutierrez
** Rebecca Rorick Smith
** Hernan Robredo
** Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales
** Nito Garcia & Elba Sottile
** Silvina Valz
** Carlos Perez & Rosa Forte
** Marina Kenny
** Javier Antar & Kara Wenham
** Diego Di Falco & Carolina Zokalski
** Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella
** J. Abling
** Evan Griffiths
** Adam Hoopengardner & Ciko Tanik
** Nick Jones & Diana Cruz
** Kristina McFadden