Ines Muzzopappa & Gaby Mataloni: Bios

Inés Muzzopappa

Inés Muzzopappa is Tango Argentino dancer and instructor. She started her path in tango when she was 14 years. In 2007 she won the first Price in the World Tango Championship along with Dante Sanchez. In that moment, she decided to became a professional tango dancer.

From that moment on, she started to teach and dance at renowned Tango Festivals and Tango events, not only in Argentina also in Europe, Asia and US. She has also participated in different Tango contests as a judge.

Ines has been teaching, performing and also organizing events with Gaby Mataloni for the last two years. Their teaching together is based on creating a good communication, technique and musicality. She also works with Corina Herrera, and other partners.

Gaby Mataloni

This porteña tango dancer has been connected to the world of dance since her childhood. Gaby’s first steps were based in jazz and sports aerobics, and she later moved into different international rhythms such as hip hop, salsa, axè, theater dance and lindy hop. At the age of 19, moved by the intention of learning more about her own culture and traditions, she discovered tango, and with it, her true passion and vocation. She started studying with different tango teachers and in several schools in order to find her own style. It was around 2012 that she became fully dedicated and committed to teaching and dancing Tango.

Ever since, she has had the chance not only to teach and perform at different milongas in Buenos Aires but also to travel around the US, Mexico and Brazil taking part in International Festivals and Workshops on her own and with different partners.

Based in Buenos Aires, Gaby is also committed to build and grow the local Tango community, actively participating in the Trabajadores del Tango Danza organization and also organizing milongas and events.

Gaby is a committed Tango teacher and cultural embassador: at the same time that she deepens the technical aspects of this dance for the students, she also emphasizes the social side of it, its improvisation essence and the connection with another, imparting useful tools for applying at the milonga. She is a passionate dancer, joyful and intense, combining her milonguera embrace along with strength and technique to build up the Tango Argentino performer that she is. And, of course, she never stops studying and deepening her knowledge with the best professional dancers and teachers, not only from Tango but also from different complementary techniques: Tango is a never-ending journey.