10 years of PATS history depicted on cupcakes for our 10th anniversary (Cupcake artist: Nicolette Cobbold, February 2018)

About PATS

Who We Are

Since 2008, the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School (PATS) has been promoting Argentine tango as a form of dance, music and poetry that can enrich anyone’s life. Tango dancing is based on walking, and is accessible to people of all ages. Tango music is in the midst of a renaissance and, as one of the leading tango music presenters in the United States, PATS is honored to be part of that.

Our offerings include:

  • group and private dance classes, both in person and online;
  • workshops on special topics;
  • small and large social dances (called practicas and milongas);
  • guest residencies by tango performers and teachers of international stature;
  • live tango music, from small events with a solo musician to full orchestras;
  • tango performances;
  • lectures and workshops on the history of tango and related topics; and
  • first dance preparation.

We organize the Philly Tango Festival and the Fishtown Salon Concert Series. We often hold workshop series on techniques that help prepare the body for tango and help us stay healthy as dancers, including Classical Ballet, Hatha Yoga, Alexander Technique and Biotensegrity.

During the pandemic, we became one of the leading presenters of online tango content including lectures, dance classes for individuals and couples, and livestream music events. We held an entire Virtual Tango Festival featuring 49 artists from around the world in May 2020, and an 11-hour New Year’s Eve streaming event featuring many of the greatest tango musicians of our time.

We continue to offer a hybrid schedule of in-person and online classes, milongas and practicas, concerts, and other events.

PHL-17 Visits PATS

In August 2020, PHL-17’s Khiree Stewart visited PATS to learn about our efforts to keep tango alive through the pandemic.

The piece features interviews with Andres & Meredith, footage from an online class, and video of us dancing to gorgeous new music written for the Philly tango community by Leandro Ragusa and Emiliano Messiez.

Check it out!

Un Tango Para Philly

Emiliano Messiez and Leandro Ragusa composed this tango as a gift for the Philadelphia tango community, while all of us, dancers and musicians alike, are going through a hard time. It has two names PTS (Philadelphia Tango School) and Un Tango Para Philly.

The recording was made in Buenos Aires and New York in July 2020 by
Leandro Ragusa, bandoneon
Emiliano Messiez, piano
Pablo Lanouguere, bass

They promise to come play it in our studio as soon as it is safe to do so.

WRTI 90.1 FM Performance & Interview

On September 30, 2019, WRTI 90.1 FM Philadelphia aired a beautiful show on Argentine tango, featuring performances and interviews by pianist Emiliano Messiez, bandoneonist Leandro Ragusa, and dancers Gustavo Rember and Meredith Klein. The show offers an up-to-the-minute view of the state of tango music today, and the ways that tango dance and tango music are influencing each other.

Please take a few moments to watch and listen!