Diana Cruz


Ms. Cruz is a dancer, performer, teacher, choreographer and —most importantly— an ongoing student of Movement methods and expressions. Originally from Paraguay, currently based in Argentina, she danced for various ballet, contemporary and modern dance companies in Paraguay, Argentina and the United States. She is a certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor by BASI (Body Arts and Science International). Her discovery of Argentine Tango has given her yet another turn in her endless exploration journey of new ways of moving and expressing. She joined Tango dancer Nick Jones in an artistic partnership that forms NaturalTango, a Tango Dance and Music ensamble —Ms. Cruz is a singer for Orquesta Típica NaturalTango directed by bandoneón player Nick Jones— that toured and continue touring around the United States, Europe, Asia and South América. Diana is a dancer, artistic collaborator and board member with Parasol Arts, a non-profit organization for promoting Tango arts, based in Denver, CO. She has also directed and produced several theatre dance productions under NaturalTango and Cruzartango (her solo project).

Ms. Cruz incorporates her multidisciplinary techniques (Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance, Latin American Folk dances, Tango Dance, Pilates, Yoga, Singing, Voice Training) into one cohesive dance. She uses these techniques to create powerful, musical, unique performances. Her continuing learning and understanding of biomechanics gives her an astute approach as a movement teacher. She holds a degree in Psychology, study that has enhanced her comprehension of the human mind and body dynamics.

Ms. Cruz has created her own line of Tango dance shoes for women, under Cruzartango.