Playing in the style of the "King of Rhythm" himself, La Juan D'Arienzo is one of the most exciting orchestras to dance to. We are thrilled to be able to present them in Philadelphia for the second time!

Special Events

La Juan D'Arienzo in Philly

Saturday, February 29

We are thrilled to welcome back to Philly one of the greatest tango orchestras of our time, La Juan D’Arienzo! La Juan D’Arienzo is a 10-piece tango orquesta tipica and won “Best Tango Orchestra” worldwide in 2018. They will be traveling with singer Fernando Rodas.

Saturday, February 29
8:30-9:30 pm: All-Levels Tango Class - Carla Marano & Phi Lee Lam
9:30 pm-3 am: Milonga Qilombo, featuring live music by La Juan D’Arienzo, and DJed tandas by Craig Herrington

Reasons to come:

  • A 5,500 square-foot exquisite ballroom to dance in
  • Best sound system and sound engineering on their whole US/Canada tour
  • Friendly tango community
  • Affordable city to get an airbnb or hotel room in

Venue address:
Lithuanian Music Hall, 2715 E. Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Parking Lot address:
3380 Richmond St., Philadelphia, PA 19134

Bringing La Juan D’Arienzo means paying a portion of their visa costs and international travel, as well as their cache, local travel, lodging, etc. We also rent the biggest venue and bring in the best sound system and sound engineer. The total costs for the night will run over $10,000 and not be covered by the ticket sales. In fact, we rely on donations in order to complete funding for the event. Please keep that in mind, if you feel the price is high.

Pre-registration is now closed, but you are welcome to pay at the door. The price is $70 and includes the whole night (class + milonga). We are not offering a separate registration for just the milonga. Hope you can join us!

Learn More about the Orchestra:
Check out the orchestra’s website
Listen to their music

Episode 28: Facundo Lazzari of La Juan D'Arienzo

Episode 28 of Tango Stories on USALA Radio aired on February 20, 2019 and featured Facundo Lazzari, lead bandoneon and founder/director of La Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra. Among other topics, we talked about his grandfather, Carlos Lazzari, who was the main arranger/composer for Juan D’Arienzo’s orchestra for many years.