Tango Stories

Tango Stories Podcast

Hosted by Meredith Klein & Craig Herrington

PATS Director Meredith Klein and Craig Herrington co-host the podcast “Tango Stories.” The show provides glimpses into the lives of the social dancers, teachers, performers, musicians, DJs, organizers and others who are part of the global phenomenon that is Argentine tango.

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Interview with Phi Lee Lam

Tango Stories Episode 72

Tango Stories Episode 72 features Phi Lee Lam, a dancer, organizer and gifted facilitator of tango experiences.

Phi Lee talks about her journey in tango as a queer, gender-non-conforming dancer, and her work creating space for other LGBTQIA+ dancers in tango.

She also talks about The Long Table Weekend, which is coming up in Philadelphia October 16 & 17.

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Interview with Cucuza Castiello

Tango Stories Episode 71

Episode 71 features Cucuza Castiello, one of the greatest living tango singers. Meredith Klein was joined by co-host Juan Villarreal for this episode. The episode is in Spanish.

Cucuza will be the featured performer, along with his son Mateo on guitar, in the May 21 concert in the Tango en la Terraza series. Information & tickets at www.tangoenlaterraza.com.

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Photo: Yael Szmulewicz

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An English translation of Tango Stories’ Episode 70 is now available to read in English on Medium.com.