Tangostream: NYE 2021

Spend New Year's Eve 2021 with your favorite tango artists!

Post-Event Note:
Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated with us during our epic 11-hour event. It really was the perfect way to say goodbye to 2020 and usher in a year that we hope will bring us back tango.

Thanks especially to the donors who gave so generously. We’ve decided to prepare a special livestream for the donors, showing some of the highlights of the TANGOSTREAM event. More info on that coming very soon! Meanwhile, please accept our sincere and profound gratitude.

Thursday, December 31

Concerts + Live Interactions
Starting Thursday, December 31 at 4:45 pm (New York UTC -5 hours)
Ending Friday, January 1 at 3:30 am (New York UTC -5 hours)
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Featured Artists:

  • CONCIERTOS TANGOLDBERG (Analía Goldberg, Horacio Romo, Daniel Falasca & Pablo Agri)
    with special guests Lidia Borda, Chino Laborde, Guillermo Fernandez and Ariel Ardit

Additional mini-sets by

  • Gustavo Rember
  • Carla Marano & Fernando Sanchez
  • Emiliano Messiez
  • Heyni Solera
  • Excerpt from the film “The Seasons” by Lorita Travaglia, produced by Parasol Arts, and featuring Diana Cruz & Donato Juarez

This event is free to the world, but we are paying the artists!

The first $5,000 in donations will pay the artists. Donations beyond that will be split between the artists and the Philadelphia Argentine Tango school.


The list below is organized to highlight artists with whom you may not be familiar…

Cucuza Castiello

One of the most beloved tango singers of today, Cucuza began performing tango as a small child. At age 6, he appeared in the Luna de Buenos Aires cycle, where he was billed alongside some of the greatest tango artists of all time, Roberto Goyeneche and Rubén Juárez. Read Cucuza’s bio on todotango.com.

Cucuza is recording a special concert for our event, accompanied on guitar by his son, Mateo Castiello.

Nidia y Juan

Although she had been singing tango her whole life, Nidia never performed on stage until meeting Juan Villarreal after her 80th birthday. From there, she enjoyed a meteoric rise, performing on TV and on stages around Buenos Aires, inspiring countless people to believe that it’s never too late to pursue their dreams. Watch the beautiful film, Amar Amando, by Yael Szmulewicz, about Nidia & Juan.

Nidia & Juan are recording a special concert for our broadcast, produced by the same filmmaker who directed the exquisite documentary, Yael Szmulewicz. It is a real honor for us!

Trio Lavallén-Estigarribia-Cabarcos

Formed by Victor Lavallén, bandoneonist in Osvaldo Pugliese’s orchestra, Pablo Estigarribia, one of the greatest tango pianists of today, and legendary bassist Horacio Cabarcos, this trio was nominated for the “Best Tango Album” Latin Grammy 2020 for their album “Comme Il Faut.”

The trio recorded their performance from December 13, 2020 in the “Tango en el Jardin” series (Buenos Aires), produced by Ines Muzzopappa and Gaby Mataloni, especially for our broadcast.

Conciertos TanGoldberg

Pianist Analía Goldberg and Filmmaker Yael Szmulewicz teamed up to produce a series of amazing concerts during the pandemic from the Oliverios Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. The concerts feature an all-star quartet of Horacio Romo (bandoneon and musical direction), Pablo Agri (violin), Daniel Falasca (bass) and Analía Goldberg (piano).

We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy a mix of tracks from these concerts for our NYE broadcast, and to hear a remarkable array of the most famous tango singers of our time in the process: Chino Laborde, Guillermo Fernandez and Ariel Ardit. This is truly amazing!

Ben & Winnie

With the raw energy of their music and their charismatic performances, combined with environmental and social activism, Ben & Winnie have been forging a new path forward for tango from Indiana (U.S.). When their “Tiny Footprint” tour was cancelled due to the pandemic, they repurposed their enormous energy, and have been performing truly LIVE from their respective homes each week throughout this time of social distance. (If you are geographically close to one another, there IS a way to make live music possible from different locations. You just have to be extremely techy and super-motivated to manage it.)

We are really excited to have Ben & Winnie perform LIVE LIVE LIVE as part of our New Year’s broadcast!

La Juan D'Arienzo

La Juan D’Arienzo needs no introduction. Simply one of the greatest tango orchestras of our time, and made up of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet (especially founders/directors Facundo Lazzari and Ricardo Badaracco), they’ve enjoyed success throughout Argentina and worldwide, over the past eight years. I am forever grateful that we were able to welcome them back to Philadelphia on February 29, 2020, our last huge event before this terrible pandemic. LJD knows that they are always welcome in Philadelphia, whenever that becomes possible.

La Juan D’Arienzo is recording a live concert in December 2020 in Buenos Aires, and allowing us to broadcast it as part of this event. So excited!

Orquesta Romantica Milonguera

Winner of “Best Tango Orchestra” during the last “Premios Tango” event in 2019, Orquesta Romantica Milonguera is perhaps the most beloved tango orchestra in existence right now. Their videos and vibe are sexy and engaging; their singers are enchanting; and they know how to choose the perfect music that is irresistible for tango social dancers.

Romantica Milonguera will record a live concert in December 2020 and allow us to broadcast it for our NYE event. So grateful and excited!