It was an amazing event. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!


  • When the concerts are happening, you can view them in the window above.
  • Feel free to use the “full screen” toggle to hide the chat and view in full screen.
  • When we move to Zoom, that will be indicated by a flyer in the window.
  • During event hours, there should be a red light next to “LIVE.” If not, reload this page until the red light appears.
  • If the stream is freezing, use the “settings” button to choose a lower stream quality.


  • We will go to Zoom periodically throughout the event to see each other’s faces, talk to the artists and toast the New Year in each time zone!
  • For security reasons, we will not post the Zoom link online. Please register by Wednesday, December 30 to receive the Zoom link by email.
  • Zoom interactions take place at these times (New York UTC -5 hours): 4:55 pm, 5:55 pm, 6:55 pm, 8:55 pm, 9:55 pm, 11:50 pm, 12:55 am, 1:55 am and 2:55 am.
  • For the complete schedule in other time zones, please consult the full schedule.


  • Please consider making a donation to support these amazing artists. The first $5,000 goes exclusively to the event artists.
  • Any overage will be split between the artists and the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School.